2011 Toyota Prius Performance Package

2011 Toyota Prius Performance Package
Toyota Prius 2010

Although those you buy Toyota Prius generally have no concept of sportiness or performance and loath both, Toyota released the Performance Package Plus for the Prius!

Unlike what the name suggests, there is no performance involved and the car has the same speed and performance as before. But it does get a nice body kit, news wheels, and new suspension setup. So if you want you Prius to look a bit better and handle a tad nicer, this is a good package.

Priced at $3,699, the Performance Package PLUS  kit first debuted at the 2010 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show — the Prius PLUS Performance Package features components of the new PLUS hybrid performance line from Toyota Racing Development (TRD).

In brief, the package consists of :

* PLUS Ground Effects Kit
* PLUS 17-inch Split Five-Spoke Forged Alloys Wheels with Low Profile P215/45R17 All-Season Tires * PLUS Lowering Springs Kit * PLUS Rear Sway Bar Kit * Carpet Floor Mats with PLUS Logo

* PLUS Exterior Badge

Here’s more details on each part:

Developed to meet the evolving demands of the growing hybrid segment, PLUS enhances the driving experience for Toyota hybrid enthusiasts by offering cool and fun accessories that add sporty looks with performance handling. It features several Toyota accessories that complement the Prius’ core values of Eco and Advanced Technology.   PLUS is an evolution of hybrid design, where fuel-efficiency co-exists with aggressive styling and performance handling.

Available only in limited quantity, the new Prius PLUS Performance Package allows the customer to choose from four of the popular Prius colors: Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Black and Winter Gray Metallic. The added features of the PLUS make this the most fun-to-drive, performance-enhanced Prius, while maintaining its industry-leading fuel efficiency.

The Prius PLUS Performance Package starts with a seven-piece aerodynamic ground effects kit that delivers an aggressive and lower-profile stance. It includes front and rear bumper spoilers, sleek side skirts and a uniquely styled rear diffuser. The custom body kit was aerodynamically designed and engineered to reduce the vehicle’s coefficient of drag, maintaining its already great fuel efficiency.

Complementing the body kit are race-inspired 17-inch forged alloy wheels. The higher strength-to-weight ratio reduces the upsprung weight, assists in keeping the corner weight down and performance up, while maintaining the Prius’ overall light vehicle weight and high fuel efficiency. The wheels are fitted with low profile 215/45R17 tires and have a custom offset, which increases track width yet maintaining Prius’ low rolling resistance. The attractive split five-spoke pattern with a liquid metal protective finish will keep the appearance looking great.

The performance side of the PLUS package delivers excellent traction and handling that will surprise any automotive enthusiast without sacrificing fuel efficiency. The track-tuned lowering springs lower the vehicle 1.1 inches in the front and 1.3 inches in the rear.   This enhances the vehicle’s on-road performance through quicker turn-in, enhanced steering response and improved cornering ability. A tuned rear sway bar is added to help reduce body lean for flatter cornering and maneuverability. This helps provide the driver control and confidence while touring, mountain driving or just plain having fun.  The sway bar is constructed of high carbon spring steel, powder coated to prevent corrosion and road damage.

Finishing off this exciting package is custom badging for an exclusive look combined with limited-edition PLUS logo carpet floor mats for that extra custom touch.

The new Prius PLUS Performance Package represents the first installment of the new PLUS brand of accessories from Toyota. Available as an add-on option on all Prius models, the PLUS Performance Package adds accessories in a unique combination at a special value price of $3,699 for Prius Two, Three, and Four models and $2,999 for the Prius Five. Ordering for the limited production 2011 Prius PLUS Performance Package will begin in July.

Written by John

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