2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class

2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class array has included hybrid (gas/electric) models this year. This Class accommodates 5 passengers and is offered in 5 models. It has an excellent acceleration power in its ML550 and ML63 editions. The chassis is of good quality and impressive. The only drawback of this car is its poor fuel economy.

It has come back with the 3.5 liter capacity with V6 engine producing 268 horsepower in its ML350 model. The BlueTEC version in ML350 has a 3 liter capacity with V6 turbo-diesel engine generating 210 horsepower, which is legally accepted in the 50 states. ML550 edition has a 5.5 liter capacity with V8 engine generating 382 horsepower. Then comes the top-ranked premium ML63 model having 6.2 liter capacity with V8 engine producing 503horsepower and is handled by the company’s AMG performance department. AWD with automatic transmission of 7-speed is offered in the entire M-Class lineup where as the rear-wheel drive is offered in ML350. The utmost hauling power is about 7,200 pounds.

2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class introduces the Hybrid ML450 that has 3.5 liter capacity with V6 engine generating 335 horsepower by an electric motor. This car can use both types of fuel sources to stabilize the speed and fuel consumption and require no plug-in for charging. It utilizes the CVT- continuously variable transmission that acts similar to the automatic.

The safety features installed in 2010 Mercedes-Benz M-Class are antiskid system, traction control, ABS and airbags for the front-side, rear-side and curtain-side coupled with wooden interior spruce and Tele Aid assistance control and foldable-60/40 rear-seats. Other features include lift-gate, rearview camera and navigation system. The models included in M-Class have a PRE-SAFE safety control that firms the seatbelts and place the front seats to safer posture if it detects possible accident of the vehicle. Moreover in case of vehicle turnover; the sunroof automatically shuts down.

The vehicles are rated into 18 groups by Consumer Guide Automotive based on the basis of their market grade, cost and size. Regular middle sized coupes share the same design elements as that of the Premium coupes. The Premium ones are basically the upgraded version of the regular medium sized coupes with high-tech features and improved performance.

The best coupes for purchase are Lexus RX, Buick Enclave and Acura MDX. The recommended one is Mercedes-Benz M-Class. The newest or the extensively reshaped models in this category are Lincoln MKT, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Land Rover LR4, Lexus RX, Lexus GX 460, Acura ZDX, Acura MDX and Cadillac SRX. For 2010, new hybrid entrants are Mercedes-Benz M-Class, Porsche Cayenne and BMW X6.

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