2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG – A Splendid Sedan

2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is a new rocking entrant in the line of BMW M3 and Audi S4 cars. If we make a comparison of Benz with M3 or S4 models on road than for sure Benz will be the winner. The antagonistic style of AMG front outlook and its side skirts give a quite mean gaze that will make the M3 and S4 giants tremble in terror.

C63 wheels in the front area are covered with the clammy 235/40R18 type Pirelli PZero and at the rear with 255/35R18, in few shops the 19-inch tires and wheels are elective. This Benz model delivers a noticeable performance with little lavishness due to the P2 package that comprises of LED lights at the front and back of the car, glowing fog lamps, headlight washers and front seats with heat option.

In contrast to the BMW and Audi models, the AMG interior is not that of essential sports car, as the Benz is more eminent for its extravagance than the performance. The sporty steering wheel of 3-spoke and double clutch transmission with speed-shift of 7-speed will counter the afore-mentioned argument. A fast 0-60 travel of 4.1 seconds has stopped and a rapid quarter mile at 110 mph of 12.3 seconds accelerates the car with power. This is accredited to the 6.2 liter capacity DOHC V8 engine having 451 horsepower muffling beneath the cover with the torque of 445 lb-ft.

The performance of the brake system of C63 AMG is unbeatable by its rivals. The brake discs of 13-inch are bored on the 4 corners, fitted and aerated along with the 6-calipers and 6-pistons that aid in difficult emergency stops from 60 mph at 110 feet. It may cost about 4,000 pounds, yet to handle this giant C-Class effectively an engine’s horsepower of 451 and torque of 445 lb-ft are the ideal modes. This can be attributed to the multilink suspension and unbreakable joints and drive shafts.

Certainly 2010 Mercedes-Benz model is more than the supreme German cars performance. It also contains the Entertainment/DVD package with movable LCD screen, Bluetooth, navigation system, mBrace system which is an upgraded version of a decade old TeleAid, improved Logic7 Stereo unit of Harman-Kardon having 12 speakers and elective backup camera. This car includes side-bolsters of seats as you will find in the BMW M3 seating package.
For the advanced AMG P31 package all this comes with huge price tag of $6,000 exclusive of sales taxes. It includes light fake brake pistons, modified ECU computer, astonishing 470 bhp horsepower and so on. So the sedan’s price with full options mentioned above along with the $720 metallic paint will cost up to $71,075; exclusive of taxes and documentation charges. 2010 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG is worth the price you pay for; if you really want such an extraordinary dashing car.

Written by John

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