2010 Lotus Evora – A Sporty Adventure

Wed, 09/15/2010 - 08:30

2010 Lotus Evora is the latest edition in the Lotus line-up of cars, where this brand is a famous for its automobile engineering. Lotus is coming up with the brand new vehicle for Formula-1 racing but it is its road sedans that are rocking the auto industry. The new Evora model is a spectacular car launched this year.

As a surprise 2010 Lotus Evora comes up with seating space not only at the front but also at the back for two kids. This sports car has become more practical and well suitable for the family to enjoy the drive together. This is a new strategy of the company to expand car’s appeal from just being the sturdy petrol driven car to more practical one that can be driven even to barely reached meadows. It is the Lotus extraordinary reputation that distinguishes it from rest of the safe, usual, suitable and everyday cars.

2010 Lotus Evora has the privilege to queue famous celebrities to test drive the car outside the production area at Hethel in Norfolk Broads that include George Clooney, Jodie Kidd, Kevin Spacey, Daniel Craig and J-Lo.
The exterior of the 2010 Lotus Evora continues its ancestry from the models like Espirit, Elise and Elan; keeping the appearance as a true Lotus. This car has a light weight of 1380kg that is predictably bit heavier than the current line-up of vehicles of its level. The additional weight this car has is justified as it is equipped with all the latest features, unlike the Elise model that had basic parts with no lavishness.

Lotus Evora is a masterpiece when compared to its previous models. It has air condition installed across its line-up, seats of leather that indulge you in a supple and warm feeling of comfort with the option of wifi and mobile phone connectivity, along with the DVD entertainment system for the young ones to enjoy at the rear seat.

Among rest of the Lotus editions; 2010 Evora is taller that can accommodate both men and women that have about 6 feet 5 inches of height. This is one of the common features it shares with the Elise model. On the other hand, its petrol heads get frail with time at its knees with VC6 engine of 3,456cc generating brake horsepower of 280. It is an adequate amount to produce top velocity of 162 miles/hour and a 0-60 travel in just 4.9 seconds.

As expected, the fuel consumption is not impressive for the environment friendly people as the car travels at 32.5 miles/gallon. Do not pay heed to what the green alliance thinks; you are driving the classic £49,875 sedan; just enjoy the awesome drive of 2010 Lotus Evora along with your kids.

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