2010 Hyundai i10

2010 Hyundai i10

The 2010 Hyundai i10 model has received various reviews recently on its international launch. This car is said to be a mini-compact car version that is likely to be lined up among the rest of the little cars in the USA. But still it depends completely on the Hundai Company along with some other vital factors that this car makes a mark in the auto industry.

Since the last October; 2010 Hyundai i10 is on sale and is being manufactured in a comparatively cheaper country India, from where it is marketed to 70 other countries around the world. One of the unique aspects this car has is that it is not a sports car, not even a medium sedan, instead it is meant for small group of people; lets say 2-3 or even single person who does not have enough money to buy the bigger models of the car.


Hyundai claims to target those customers who wish to purchase cars that are inexpensive as compared to Hyundai Accent. This car has a direct opposition with Hundai manufacturers that released their mini-car version known as Honda Fit earlier. 2010 Hyundai i10 has been launched intentionally in the USA to break down the monopoly of Honda Fit that got very famous and has huge market share in mini compact cars.

2010 Hyundai i10 model is merely 140.4 inches long that makes it smaller in size than the Honda Fit car, having the length of 161 inches. The car can accommodate 5 people but in a bit congested way. It is exceptionally well in terms of fuel consumption that makes it highly viable than rest of the mini-compact cars available in the market.

2010 Hyundai i10 has an engine of 4 cylinders with the fuel capacity of 1.6 liter that makes it vigorous small car. It has 120 horsepower making it a super speedy car. It comes up with two options; in manual transmission of 5-speed or in practical automatic transmission of 4-speed, which is considered more suitable for female drivers who want a hassle free drive.

Being smaller in size 2010 Hyundai i10 has a unique look and feel making this car a must buy with a height of 60.6 inches only. This car consumes lesser fuel with ease to ride and park as well at any place. The only drawback this car has that not all the people can be easily adjusted at the backseat, particularly the people who are a bit bulky. Overall, the 2010 Hyundai i10 is a comfy mini-car with an affordable price range for the people who want a bit inexpensive, stylish yet durable car that can be used for the next coming years.

Written by Petra

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