2010 GMC Yukon

Fri, 01/02/2009 - 20:50

2010 GMC Yukon is a hybrid (gas/electric) model that is not much changed since last year. It is a hauling SUV meant for 9-passenger that can be accommodated comfortably. It gives an enjoyable ride with good velocity on road. Its design is similar to the Cadillac Escalade, Suburban and Chevrolet Tahoe coupes. The fuel consumption adds a disadvantage to this wagon along with uncomfortable rear seating in the third row and a noisy Denali engine growl.

Here mainly two versions; Yukon and Yukon XL (extended wheelbase) will be discussed. The XL edition when compared with Yukon has 14-inch stretched wheelbase, increased hauling space of 30 cubic feet and 20-inch greater length. The XL edition is offered in either 1500 design of half ton or 2500 design of three quarter ton. Both the Yukon and XL are available in SLT, SLE and lavish Denali versions. SLT and SLE are offered in XL 2500-Class having rear-wheel drive. The SLT and SLE have an option of AWD that can be kept occupied on an arid road plus it has the option of off-road drive at down-shift gears.


The Denali model doesn’t have a down-shift gearing option but is available in AWD. Most of XL editions have a 5.3 liter capacity with a V8 engine generating 310 horsepower, where as in standard sized SUV the generating power is of 320 horsepower. XL 2500 models comprise of 6 liter capacity V8 engine generating 352 horsepower. The power specs of Yukon Denali are 6.2 liter capacity V8 engine producing 403 horsepower.

Some of the Yukon rear-drive editions are installed with XFE- Xtra Fuel Economy. They have such aerodynamics and powertrain coupled with resistant tires for lower rolling that enhance the fuel efficiency. They can utilize E85 regular Ethanol fuel and have an automatic transmission of 6-speed. The utmost hauling power of non-XL coupe is about 8,600 pounds. Where as the XL 1500 can haul about 8,100 pounds and the XL 2500 models are capable of 9,600 pounds.

The Hybrid and Denali Hybrid models of 2010 GMC Yukon include a 6 liter capacity with a V8 engine generating 332 horsepower powered by an electric motor. These models can utilize both fuel sources depending on the riding requirements without any plug-in to get charged. There is a CVT- continuously variable transmission in Hybrid models that act similar to the automatic. Their utmost hauling power is of 5,900 pounds. Active Fuel Management system for cylinder disengagement is installed in every Yukon model.

The safety features in 2010 GMC Yukon are antiskid system, traction control, ABS and airbags for front-side and curtain-side. USB port is a standard add-on in these coupes. Denali edition includes power slanted steering and front-seats with heat and cool option. All the data mentioned is taken from the assessments of the GMC Yukon, 2009 model.

The vehicles are ranked in 18 groups by Consumer Guide Automotive based on their market grade, cost and size. The bigger SUVs are conventionally meant for 7 or more passengers having spacious hauling capacity, sturdy body design, and large baggage area but with poor fuel efficiency. Their hauling and freight evaluations are same as that of large cargo trucks.

The top ranked cars in the market are GMC Yukon, Chevrolet Tahoe, Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban. The recommended and the newest or the extensively reshaped model for this category is Toyota Sequoia.

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