2010 Fiat Qubo – A Convenient Coupe

Mon, 06/07/2010 - 05:54

2010 Fiat Qubo is a copied version of Fiat Fiorino model that has become quite popular among Fiat cars. This car has a roomy interior with MPV that can accommodate five persons very easily. Although it has large seating area inside; this model is moderately compact in size. As an attractive feature the seats can be adjusted in many ways that can convert this car from a basic people hauler to a baggage hauler, making it quite useful and pliable.

The outer body of 2010 Fiat Qubo is not much dashing or attractive but still has a fanciful appeal to it. It seems to be a more innovative and curved edition of Fiat Panda. The less appealing parts this car has are its headlamps and retreating bonnet. However, it is a good enough model but won’t have much audience to attract. How this car will be acknowledged in the USA is still questionable.

The inner look of 2010 Fiat Qubo is a bit plain. Mostly two toned colors of grey and black are used, making it barely exciting. You don’t feel the interior to be jumbled, as the buttons and dials incorporated are quite simple. The inner is elegant and performs well. It is fair enough to say that it is more of a practical car than a stylish one.
2010 Fiat Qubo has a 16v Multi-jet engine with 1.3 liter capacity. Multi-jet engines installed in Fiat cars depict high-tech technology that make them more affordable, environment friendly and fuel efficient that can extend the displacement of the car as compared to others. This car is capable of producing 75 bhp with 100 mph travel at its top speed. All these specifications make it a true convenient car.


The standard safety features installed in 2010 Fiat Qubo have a range of airbags and ABS. The sturdy and superior built of the car can safeguard all the passengers traveling in it. It offers a manual car with a 5-speed option and an automatic car with a 6-speed option.

2010 Fiat Qubo will be in direct competition with the famous Ford Transit Connect in USA, which basically targets the owners of the small businesses and those belonging to various fields like electric, plumbing and so on. The flexible interior and practical look makes this model a sure winner.
This car has debatable design issues associated with its less attractive look, making it odd for many buyers, but still has some hidden lure in it. The key feature of 2010 Fiat Qubo is its expediency or suitability. It is good at accommodating people or luggage alike due to its MPV feature. Moreover, the compact size makes the car easy to maneuver on the busy roads.

This car consumes less fuel that is capable of 62mpg. It is suitable for all the drivers and is good in handling. This model is basically designed for families and for those who wish to dive a multi-purpose durable car; not for the adventuresome drivers. Qubo is a sure all-rounder having an affordable price of 11,000 pounds.

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