2010 Fiat Multipla – A Compact Attraction

Sat, 11/20/2010 - 04:18

2010 Fiat Multipla is a smaller version than the Qubo and Doblo contemporaries. This model is a compacted MPV, very similar to the Qubo car. It was first launched in 1998 and since then it was redesigned and modified for a better performance. The older version of Multipla received more criticism than the new model will, but all on the false grounds.
The exterior of the Fiat Multipla is very appealing as a compacted MPV. It has rounded elegant curves with big windows that add-up as some of the nice design features in the car. It won’t disappoint its buyers for sure because Fiat has done a commendable job to make such a big car that functions smoothly with no much extravagance added to it. This car is truly reliable and practical in purpose.

The interior of 2010 Fiat Multipla is elegant but not much attractive. It is very spacious and has a middle seat in front. It has very useful seating as 6 people can easily adjust in the car. Like Qubo and Doblo cars; Multipla also has seats that can be folded easily to get extra room to adjust the luggage. The dials and buttons incorporated are elegant and the car’s dashboard is not much jumbled either making it more practical for the passengers.


Multipla just like it’s above mentioned contemporaries doesn’t have a huge or super fast engine to function. But you can get those latest Multi-jet engines that add bonus to the car. It has 1.6 liter capacity with 16v engine, power of 103bhp and a max acceleration of 106mph. Nevertheless it’s a wise option because it will save your expense on long run if you choose any one out of three Multi-jet engines. The largest Multi-jet has a 1.9 liter capacity, 120bhp and a max speed of 110mph.

The fuel efficiency in these engines is 40mpg, which is marvelous for a car like 2010 Fiat Multipla. It has ABS and airbags as standard safety features. It is expensive than the rest of the line-up of Fiat cars starting from 15,300 pounds for basic model to 19,000 pounds for higher model having Multi-jet engine of 1.9 liter.
2010 Fiat is an excellent choice for small business men ad bigger families. The major qualities of this car are its spacious seats, practicality and fuel efficiency. Among the other two models of Fiat; Multipla is the most stylish and affordable car to have, and thus, is more likely to be successful in the USA.

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