2010 Fiat Doblo

Mon, 10/11/2010 - 23:02

2010 Fiat Doblo a renowned name in car manufacturing is being launched in America recently. Fiat has acquired Chrysler Company and is planning to launch their European line of cars internationally with releasing limited famous models of Chrysler. The major challenge Fiat faces is that how it will establish itself among other reputable competitors in the USA.

2010 Fiat Doblo similar to Qubo car; will stand up in contending against Ford Transit Connect car. It targets the owners of small businesses or workers from the electric, roofing and pluming fields. In contrast to Qubo car, Doblo is a classic leisure van that looks bigger. Fiat cars are now cost and fuel efficient due to the new multi-air engines and multi-jet installed features. Being less in price tags, it gives Fiat cars a competitive advantage on its rivals.


2010 Fiat Doblo is not categorized as an overwhelming car, but it has a smart design that gives an impressive look to the buyers that it will perform with no hassles. It has a refined look with bigger rear glass window and stylish headlamps.

The inner look is not much captivating as it outer appearance. It has good space with comfy seats, which is more important in such kind of cars than being stylish and classy. 2010 Fiat Doblo has ample space that can carry more weight along with adjustable seat option; making it more flexible for the passengers. This car can carry twice the passengers than usual cars that makes it a great pick, especially for larger families who wish to save their outing expenses.

With 16v engine working at 95bhp with 1.4 liter fuel capacity and a high acceleration of 100mph; 2010 Fiat Doblo is a sure winner. Bigger engines have 16 v producing 135bhp, 1.6-2 liter fuel capacity with the high speed of 110mph. They are competent engines that are meant to perform to save fuel consumption and in conserving the greener earth.

The safety characteristics are of top standards in 2010 Fiat Doblo as in most modern cars today. It comprises of basic ABS brakes with other safety elements such as airbags. Doblo depicts high quality that can be judged from its look and feel; having strong body and durable materials on its seats.

The basic Doblo with the engine of 1.4 liter capacity; is an affordable car with the price tag of 2,000 pounds making it a more attractive product for its possible buyers. For a 2010 Fiat Doblo having 2 liter capacity; you have to spend 17,000 pounds, which gives further 10 miles travel with efficient fuel consumption and lesser C02 discharge.

2010 Fiat Doblo is an all rounder among other cars, best fit for both bigger families and small business persons. It gives plenty of space and comfort in drive that is uncommon in usual cars. Though it is not much splendid but performs at its best with affordable price range. It has an extraordinary fuel effectiveness giving a delightful experience to its passengers. It is likely to hit the auto industry of America as it did in Europe.

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