2010 Ferrari California – First Drive

Mon, 01/25/2010 - 11:12

Open your mind and think that under the sky, you are walking in the big wide road and the road is surrounded by Sicilian Mountain in both sides and someone is coming forth to you by driving a brand new Ferrari car and finally he handed over the key of this new car to you then what would you do. I am sure you would get flabbergasted in this time what to do. Whatever this days is gone when Ferraris are supposed to be nice, sculptured for the highway, poetry in the motion and blah as well. Italian automotive design is more gorgeous, now a day it is better to move for Alfa Romeo or Maserati. The new model Ferrari California is heavier than the powerful 599 GTB. The least muscled car of Ferrari is more powerful than the F430. The motor of these two cars are nearly same but the difference in the bore and in the stroke. The primary aim of Ferrari is to increase the fuel economy. Its downside is less powerful than the F430 but the torque 8000 rpm is not bad only the thing it is lesser than F430 at whole whack.


Ferrari claimed that it is lighter than the alternative fabric. Great driving experiences are not promised by the most hardtops yet. These cars are typical for the West Coast boulevards, Middle East highway or Shanghai freeways. Ferrari said about 70% purchasers would be fresh to the marque: It is moving for the top end Mercedes SL, Aston DB9Volante, Bentley Continental GTC, none of that is a sincere or serious driver’s car. To add basically the California customers are also not probably to be road runner. When you will open the door that is made of aluminum and sit in the fragrant leather-lined seat it will give you the feelings of the royalty that you could get in a decadent Ferrari. You have to press the commencing button that is in the steering wheel then the V-8 barks and you will be welcomed. Twin clutch gearbox will set as defaults to automatic. The speed of California might reach at 193 mph (top speed) that’s why you might get angry when you will see traffic jam in the road but never mind you should know the it’s real-world irrelevance. In addition the race-style flat-plane original design of F430 had been retained.


To test the real speed we must head toward open mountain roads, there we will become sure about the proficiency of the car. If the engine sounds nice and magnificent, part wail, part growl, a real engine and superbly throttle-responsive, with fast-revving like motorcycle style then it would be superb. And you will get this thing in the California moreover the double-clutch gear shifting is fabulous and awesome. If you want to change the gear from lower to higher then you would find no interruption in torque. So the shift is really magnificent and you can do it again and again and no change will take place. If you want to be experienced with this car then you would find that it is as easy as driving the Bentley and Mercedes rivals. The Ferrari will not intimidate them who are amateur to the marquee. This California model of Ferrari is so easily accessible that will surprise you the motoring aspirations will exceed your abilities.

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