2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X Production Starts

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 22:03

Dodge had announced that they had commenced the manufacturing of 2010 Viper ACR-X (American Club Racer) in Detroit at the Conner Avenue Assembly Plant. The ACR-X is the most admired street version of this wonder car till now, it is also the rhythm for the present generation lovers of Viper. It will be soon replaced with a latest model in the coming years.

The latest Dodge Viper ACR-X has the same V-10 engine with 8.4 liter capacity developed by the SRT team. However, it has been pinched to give an additional power of 40 HP as compared to the model of previous year. It now has a better power of 640 HP and a torque of 605 lb-ft which makes it literally a monster.


The weight of the car is 160 pounds lighter as compared to the standard Vipers available with an upgraded suspension system which is track focused. The ACR-X has an MSRP of only $110,000 which is bargain to consider. A unique Competition Coupe version will be made by them which is for track use available with fuel cell and race seat which is factory designed and installed, and a roll cage also factory designed.

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