2010 Dodge Grand Caravan

Tue, 10/12/2010 - 05:42

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan is comfortable version and has a convincing price tag. A Grand Caravan Hero model is a nice medium spruce with the cost of $29,265. It has several features like power liftgate, entertainment system for the back and backup camera justifying its cost. Caravan comes up with good MSRPs for its three spruces; base model starting from $23,660 and the finest spruce Crew starting from $28,360.

The 2010 model is carrying the same design as that of 2008 model. Though the exterior is nice but the interior can be further improved into smarter, comfortable and fresh look. Though it doesn’t have a supple drive but is good enough when you travel in terms of quietness and comfort.


The exterior of 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan is of a minivan. It is no different from rest of the contemporary and old vans. But it does have a brawny and gleamed look than its earlier versions. The doors glide very smoothly without noise, its rear shape is cubed and the roof top is bit elevated. It has received an emblematic Doge front shape with frame that dazzles. It includes wheel options to its exterior; standard steel wheels of 16-inch or optional aluminum wheels of 16 or 17 inch.

There are three Caravan V6 engines having the following specs; standard 3.3 liter capacity V6 generating 175 hp, optional is 4.0 liter capacity with V6 producing 251 hp and the third edition has 3.8 liter capacity with V6 producing 197 hp that runs on gas. The third edition travels up to 16/23 mpg in city or highway that can be stretched to 18-19 mpg. This is not an amazing figure when you know that the fuel economy is enhancing in auto industry. It is rated as great in terms of family convenience but without much fun-factor.

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan has come up with a fantastic interior feature of Stow ‘n Go, which means the driver and the passengers’ seat on second and third columns respectively to have even cargo space. This feature is copied by other manufacturers as well and they are also incorporating upgraded features in their vehicles as compared to this Caravan. The interior tone of silver and black makes the minivan quite bland that can be restyled like Viper, Challenger and Charger. The turn-signal trail also controls the wipers of windshield that takes some time for the drivers to get accustomed to and the audio controls are also placed at the back of steering wheel. An entertainment system at the back is included in the optional package of $2,200. It is coupled with wireless remote and headphones with a good-sized DVD screen of 9-inch. Other impressive features include 11 cup-holders coupled with dividers, pockets, storage boxes, trays and bins. The storage compartments are ranked as ample to galore and the cargo space as ample.

IIHS- Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has rated 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan as good for its front; side-ways and rear collisions. But it hasn’t cleared the turnover test that checks the roof effectiveness by IIHS. This Caravan has three pairs of latch handles; one in the third column and two in the second column. They are very convenient to use except for the three people sitting in third column.

The second column has cutioned seats coupled with firm seatbelt buckles that are convenient for the children. The floppy buckles fall down most of the times in third column or underneath the jab seat. All baby-safety seats; rare-faced; rare-faced convertible and front-faced convertible are easy to adjust in second column. Caravan includes AWD, traction control, stability control, antilock brakes, brake assist and airbags for curtain-side for all columns. Optional features are blind-spot alert, reverse-path alert system that detects the reverse direction of the traffic approaching the car when pulling car out from the parking lot. The higher spruces include seats with integrated booster.

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