2010 BMW 7-Series

Wed, 07/28/2010 - 18:13

2010 BMW 7-Series is the latest stylish sedan with all-wheel drive in the auto market. It is essentially a family hauler with ample seat spacing. It has a quiet engine with a super fast acceleration but with poor fuel consumption and a scratchy ride.

Rear-wheel drive is available in the regular versions of 7-Series such as 750Li and 750i. But their newest 2010 versions now have AWD in them. The hot model 760Li is a rear-wheel drive available in the market. The wheel base in the L-Series of BMW is of 5.5 inches in length as compared to 750i. The engines in 750i are V8 turbocharged with 4.4 liter capacity and have 400 horsepower. It has a standard automatic transmission of 6-speed. Where as the 760Li-Series is V12 turbocharged with 6 liter capacity and has 544 horsepower.


The safety features in 2010 BMW 7-Series are antiskid system, traction control, ABS and airbags for sides; front and knees. To prevent body bend over in these cars; Active Roll Stabilization is installed for the protection that comes as a standard in 760Li model and as an optional feature in 750Li and 750i. Dynamic Driving Control is a standard in both 750 and 760 models that helps the driver to regulate the garrote reaction, suspension, transmission’s shift features and power steering. On the other hand, the Active Steering system in BMW comes as a standard in 760 and optional in 750 versions, which acts as speed receptive for the rear wheel steering.

The additional standard features in BMW are wireless mobile link, navigation system, climate control system and audio iDrive control. They also incorporate front and back obstruction detection system with steering-connected headlights, assist-emergency and janitor check.

Some of the other common features include lane – exit warning system, alert for blind-spot, head-up display, cameras for cross-section and rear-view and automatic high beams that get dim on detection of approaching traffic. Moreover, BMW has a hard disc of 40GB for both navigation and audio systems of which 13GB is reserved for storing music files only. It has adaptive tour control, night-vision control, DVD entertainment package along with keyless entrance and engine initiation.

In order to compare 2010 BMW 7-Series with rest of the available sedans in the market; the Consumer Guide Automotive helps you to find out the vehicle’s rating easily. It rates each sedan on the basis of its market grade, cost and size. Finest big and lavished cars rank at the top due to their flagships and the modern technology incorporated in them. Among them best sedans rated are Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LS and Hyundai Genesis. The suggested sedans are the Cadillac DTS and Audi A8.

Among the extensively refashioned and newest sedans for 2010 are Mercedes-Benz S-Class and BMW 7-Series with their hybrid (gas/electric) models along with Porsche Panamera., Jaguar XJ Series, Lexus LS and Fisker Karma.

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