2010 Audi S4

Tue, 08/31/2010 - 11:12

The totally-new 2009 Audi A4 features an enhanced cabin, new lines, and a new 3.2 liter, 265-horsepower V-6 under the hood (an updated 2.0 liter turbo-4 is also obtainable). It reaches 62 miles per hour in an about 6.2 seconds, only two ticks slower than the automatic transmission BMW 335i. But people wanting to buy A4 and searching for a little extra thing have certainly bypassed the standard model to wait for the newest fast A4 option, the 2010 Audi S4.

Since the year 1997, Audi has manufactured the S4, which is a sedan with a sporty interior, additional power, and a shriller suspension than the A4. It is considered an alternative for those who like canyon-carving in their travel. Also, as the standard A4 got a full refurbish in 2009, Audi is continuing with an S4 that with a new Quattro system, engine, transmission, and sport differential with special torque dissemination. It also has a renewed interior, an advanced style, and more technical delicacies. Audi has moved the S4 from twin-turbo V-6 to a 4.2 liter V-8 reaching 340 horsepower hoping for greater output, but it seems that concerns about fuel mileage and carbon dioxide discharge are actually worrying the automaker. The fresh 2010 S4 has an extra charged 3.0 liter V-6, which is less than last year’s version by 7 horsepower.

Surely, plain horsepower numbers do not tell us much. When they were working on the all-new 3.0 liter TFSI V-6, Audi people said that they discovered that supercharging would be a better option than going back to twin turbos both for performance and packaging. This kind of engine would be available as well in the medium-size 2009 A6 (even though it is only 290 horsepower). One of the most important benefits of the improved powerplant is its remarkable torque. With 333 horsepower, it gives 324.5 pound-feet of twirl, which is an improvement compared to the 302 pound-feet offered in the preceding V-8. On top of that, maximum torque is achieved at 2500 rpm only and stays constant till 4850 rpm; the thing that makes the car particularly reactive in daily driving. Even though some will miss the roar of the preceding S4′s V-8, at 5.1 seconds the new version is just a two ticks faster from 0-62 miles per hour.

Audi lists its competitors for the 2010 S4 to be Mercedes’ C63 AMG and BMW’s M3, but with both autos sporting V-8s in more than 400 horsepower, and 0-to-62 times just more than 4 sec, they appear to be better foes of the present V-8-powered RS4 as a replacement. Nevertheless, Ingolstadt’s newest creation has a single noteworthy benefit: besides being faster than its ancestor and having more torque, a huge new S4′s improvement is noticeable at the fuel pump. Even though the 2008 S4 is valued by the EPA at 16 mpg, and the credit goes to its TFSI V-6, Audi thought the fresh model would get an impressive 24 or more mpg, close to the 3.2 liter A4. With the current fluctuations in gas rates, surely many people will appreciate the enhancement.

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